Mission & Vision

mission statment:

1- Distributing food and clothing;

2- Aiding refugees in locating necessary services eg. medical care, Internet access, legal aid.

1- We are mentoring the refugees to make sure they have a positive outlook on their harsh situation;

2- Sports and music therapy are good ways to make the refugees feel liberated and normal again.

1- Providing refugees with necessary information to make educated decisions in regards to their journey and asylum process;

2- Protect the refugees from being corrupted by incorrect information, prices and human traffickers.

1- English, French and Arabic language skills;

2- Help the refugees adapt and fit into a new culture.

1- Helping our clients to find appropriate employment ie. enough income to sustain a family;

2- Establishing a system where the refugees can own a home in Eastern Europe, for the fraction of the cost of supporting them in a camp in the west.

Everyone needs at least one friend that they can depend on and being a refugee is no different. At Refugees Foundation we take pride in our personal approach of treating the refugees like human beings and not just another number.​​

What We Do?

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