What We're All About?

Who are we? We are people like you. People who see the need for peace in the world and want to get up and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. We're feeding the hungry. We're bringing water to the thirsty. We're bringing hope to the hopeless. The question is... Would you join our goals? Help us help the refugees!

Our Mission

is simple, but it is not easy. We assist and support, through fellowship and action, refugees on the run. Around 50% of the refugees are children. Their lives have been torn apart at the very beggining of their lives. Help us put the end to the suffering of this people. We are changing the world by helping one human at a time.

By donating only 10 euros you can provide around 200 teas or coffies for refugees!
By donating only 50$ to us you can provide free lessons of English or German language for 10 refugees in Beirut.

Ware offering you a chance to support one refugee family. We can buy tents, sleeping bags, food, tickets and other necessities for 100-200$.